Multi-generational Breeding

Our Bernedoodles’ parent breeds are the key factor that make our puppies so unique, standing apart from other breeds. We have perfected our Bernedoodle lineage over many generations of dog breeding, using our sought-after Sheepadoodles (Old English Sheepdog x Poodle) as the founding line for our Australian Bernedoodles.

By examining their parent breeds, we can understand a lot about our Bernedoodle puppies. We specialise in multi-generational puppies rather than F1 puppies, which result from mating a Poodle parent with a Bernese Mountain Dog. F1 puppies often exhibit different appearances, shedding coats and variations in size and personality. Instead, our team has spent extensive time and research studying the pedigree of our Sheepadoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs to create a visually striking, consistent line of Bernedoodles.

Questions about our process

We love to hear from prospective puppy families! If you have any questions about our process or need clarification about any details, please get in touch.