Take-home Day

You’re counting down the days until your brand new Bernedoodle puppy makes their way to your home.
Here’s everything that you’ll need to know to ensure your puppy’s take-home day runs as smoothly as possible.


Your puppy will receive their first C2 vaccinations at six-to-seven weeks of age. Their next vaccination (C5) is required at 12 weeks. It’s very important that you don’t take your puppy out in public until they have received their 12-week booster vaccination. Your puppy is at risk of deadly diseases and isn’t protected until this time. We firmly advise you to keep your puppy in your backyard, and away from other dogs whose vaccination history you don’t know.


We will register your puppy’s microchip into the NSW Pet Registry database, which identifies your puppy on the national microchip database. You will then be required to complete the transfer of your puppy’s microchip online.


Your puppy will be fully wormed with Drontal or Milbemax at two, four, six and eight weeks of age. Worming your puppy is essential to their wellbeing and can result in a longer life expectancy. We recommend a continued worming regime with Drontal or Milbemax once every two weeks until your puppy is three months old, and then once every month until they are 12 months old. After this, your dog will require worming once every three months, alternating the type of wormer to prevent resistance build-up.

Vet checking

We never allow puppies that are not 100% healthy to leave our care. Your puppy will be fully vet checked by our wonderful and very experienced vet. They will examine your puppy’s structure, bones, eyes, heart, teeth, ears and skin.


All our puppies leave us desexed. This is compulsory — we do this to promote responsible breeding. The procedure is performed between seven and eight weeks and is minimally invasive for your puppy. The stitches are internal and will dissolve on their own. Their incision area will need to be kept clean until it heals.

Pick up and transport

We welcome families to pick up their puppy upon appointment, from Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange pickups on Saturday or Sunday due to work and family commitments.

If you aren’t able to personally collect your puppy, we can arrange private door-to-door delivery in Sydney and the surrounding areas, including Wollongong. If you need your puppy to be shipped to your home, we will arrange air travel through QANTAS freight. They offer fantastic scheduling, competitive pricing and take excellent care of our puppies. Your puppy will be flown from Canberra Airport. We organise and book all flights for our customers — all you need to do is collect your puppy from your local airport! Please note, all transport costs are the responsibility of the owner.


Final payment is due on pickup. In instances where puppies require shipping, we require final payment for your puppy plus the transport costs the week of delivery. Once flights are booked (this is usually five working days before the date of the flight) we will forward you the booking confirmation and the final request for payment. The funds will need to be cleared into our account before we will ship your puppy.